Wopzen2 is a wordpress plugin that allows you to use your Zend Framework 2 code inside the WordPress php files. If that alone was not enough it also allows you to use your MVC (Model View Controller) structure on any part of php code!!

It gives to you a incredible boost to your wordpress plugin and themes developments.

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Get Wopzen2 now and boost your Wordpress plugin and theme development!


Plugin Info

Wordpress Version: 3.5.2

Zend Framework Version 2.2

About the Author

Tao Báez

Hi!, My name is Tao Báez, I have been working with zend framework for many years and I love it. For that reason I wrote this plugin in order to enjoy both worlds Wordpress and Zend Framework 2, I think this is going to empower your development. I hope you enjoy it.

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